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Starting over in Laguna

It was a hard decision to make. With a thriving dental practice in Northern California, the thought of selling and starting over seemed to make no sense. We lived in Orange County a few years back, before moving to Northern California. We always wanted to come back to the OC and due to our son's severe asthma, our time in NorCal was coming to a close.

After the sale of my practice, I began to look around in Orange County. Premier Dental Family and Implant Dentistry came up on the market. It was a much smaller practice than I was used to, but remodeled and in a great location. So the journey has begun. Premier has an environment where I can take time with my patients and get to know them. My last office was great, but very busy and did not allow as much time with each patient. There's a Southern California laid back kind of feel with a small town friendly midwest community feeling to the area. I have been greeted with some of the friendliest, welcoming patients I have ever come across in this South Orange County town. I love having time to get to know each of my patients better.

I decided to go into dentistry because my dad was a dentist. I was always amazed at how involved my dad was in my siblings and I's lives. He had freedom to coach my baseball team or be at every soccer game. I knew when I was a father one day I wanted that same time for my family. As I got older and thought about what I could contribute to the world I thought a little deeper about my future. I realized I wanted to help people. Dentistry still seemed to be in line with the thought of helping people, along with gifting me the ability to spend time with my wife and children.

My first job out of dental school was in Newport Beach in the Fashion Island area. It was an amazing location. I would have loved to buy that practice, but I had a lot of school debt and a family to take care of. Eventually, our family relocated to Northern California where we had great success in buying a practice and running it well.

But here I am at the start again. Unlike my last practice this one is not up and running full time yet. It has room to grow. Space to make it mine and add my thoughts, changes, and ideas to it. I am excited to take this on. I am eager to get to know the community of Laguna Hills and the surrounding areas. So, I'm starting over in Laguna. I can't wait to see where the journey will take me and my family.

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