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A New Name

After giving it some thought I have decided to change the name of my new office. Currently it is called Premier Dental Family & Implant Dentistry, which is a great name. However; there is another office less than a mile away with the name Premier Dental in the title. This is unfortunate for business, but also very confusing to my patients and their patients. I am not exactly sure why the previous owner of my business chose the same name as a dental business down the street. So, we have to make some changes.

While thinking about my new name, I thought about my legacy; and how my dad inspired me to become a dentist. I am a second generation dentist and very proud of the accomplishment. I can remember how happy my dad was when I told him I decided to take the Dental Entrance Exam and apply for dental school. I can also recall how proud he was at my dental school graduation. I am honored to hold an occupation just like my father. After thinking about this, I have decided to use my family name for the practice. Peterson Dentistry is what I settled on and am very excited to announce we have A New Name.

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