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Highligting Our Staff

We love our staff and we want you to get to know them a little. So today's post is about Highlighting Our Staff. Meet Doreen Rivera, Doreen works as our Front Office. Doreen is also a licensed Dental Assistant and assist Dr. Peterson with patients often. Doreen is the bright smiling face you see first when you enter our office. She's the energetic kind voice you hear on our phones as well. Doreen is a great asset to our team and we enjoy working with her. She is dedicated to seeing our office thrive. She's a complete people person and puts forth her best efforts to assist our patients with any questions or concerns. Doreen has been at this office for two years, but working in the dental field for 10.

I took it upon myself to ask Doreen a few questions that I thought might be fun to have on here. And here's what she said:

1. Tell us some things we don't know about you? -

"I'm a huge country fan, I dream of traveling one day, and I'm not a natural blonde (lol)"

2. What is the hardest and best part of your job? -

"The hardest part of my job would have to be that I don't know when to stop working because I love what I do. The best part of my job is meeting so many new faces every day. I love being able to welcome them as family. Its exciting to see how much the relationship with each patient grows."

3. If a grateful patient wanted to bring you a fun treat what would you secretly hope it to be? -

"To be honest I don't expect to ever get something in return at my job. But... if I must pick, it would be a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino. They are my absolute favorite!"

4. Is there anything else fun or important to know about you? -

"I have a son who is starting kindergarten this year. I have lived in Cali my entire life. And the first thing I notice about a person is their teeth and their smile"

Well there you have it! Doreen Rivera, a valued staff and some things you've learned about her. So be sure to show her your beautiful smile next time you walk into our front office. We know she will greet you back with her beautiful smile as well.

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