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Aaron's Implants, Before and After

Meet Aaron. Aaron is a buddy of mine from basketball and church. The last few times we teamed up in basketball we defeated our opponents (which are good friends of ours) in a best of 7 series, who played and were starters on their teams in college. Neither Aaron nor I played basketball in high school let alone college, so we now use this as complete bragging rights against them ....haha.



When I first met Aaron, he was very self conscious about his smile. Aaron had looked into having a procedure done in the past to remedy his smile, and he eventually asked me if I would be able to help him. I was very pleased and honored to be given the opportunity to help my friend. Aaron had an aggressive bone infection causing three of his front teeth to become very loose. I knew we could take care of his smile, leaving him feeling confident and better about his smile. With this case I ended up having to extract three front teeth and later I placed two implants followed by an implant bridge. Aaron was very pleased with the work we did. He told me "the experience was great and not nearly as stressful as I expected." That was a great compliment comming from a friend.

Before Photo

Before Photo

After Photo

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